General Conditions Of Sale


These terms and conditions of business apply for all purchases at Looxon Germany by private customer. 

Private customer in this sense are persons with domicile and delivery address is in the Federal Republic of Germany, to the extent that the Goods you have ordered can be attributed neither to their commercial nor their independent vocational activity. 

The conclusion of the contract

The presentation of our products and providing the possibility to order is on our part, a concrete offer to conclude a purchase contract. 

By ordering you accept the offer and the contract of sale is concluded.

You will receive an order confirmation by E-Mail to the specified E-Mail address. 

Prices and shipping costs

The prices are final prices incl. Value-added tax. It is the amount shown at the time of the binding order. Add to shipping costs, the shipping method and the size and weight of the goods ordered by you(n) - dependent. About the details, you will be informed in the course of the order. The regular costs of the return shipment in the event of a return of goods by you in the exercise of your right of cancellation Cancellation policy arise, we will bear. At the time of exercise of your right of withdrawal, we will refund you the shipping cost.


The payment agent at the time of delivery 

            – Payment in advance 

            – Bill 

            – PayPal 

Default of payment

You are in default of payment, so Looxon Germany is entitled to demand default interest in the amount of 5 percentage points above that of the German Bundesbank for the time of the order announced base rate p. a. If Looxon Germany a higher damage caused by default is undetectable, is Looxon Germany entitled to make this claim.

Right of retention

To exercise a right of retention of the customer is entitled only to the extent that his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.


(1) The delivery to the customer's delivery address, within

            – Germany 

            – Poland 

            – Tesch, Czech Republic 

            – Switzerland 

            – France 

            – Luxembourg 

            – Belgium 

            – Netherlands 

            – Europe 
(2) force majeure (natural disasters, war, civil war, terrorist attack), the delivery or performance of other services permanently impossible, there is no obligation of Looxon Germany. Amounts already paid will be refunded by Looxon Germany immediately.

(3) Looxon Germany may also refuse the performance, to the extent that this requires an effort that is taking the content of the purchase contract and the principle of good Faith and in a grossly disproportionate to the interest of the customer in the fulfilment of the purchase contract. Amounts already paid will be refunded by Looxon Germany immediately.

(4) bulky items (packages with a volume greater than 1 sq. m.) will usually be delivered by a forwarding Agency. Looxon Germany explicitly points out that these goods are not worn in the house. 

- Effective shipping method for return

(1) Please use the return shipment of the goods, and accessories if possible the original packaging, even if they should be damaged through Opening to the function test.

(2) Bitte verwenden Sie zur Rücksendung eine möglichst günstige Sendungsart mit Sendungsverfolgung. Sollte es sich um eine Reklamation handeln, erhalten Sie nach Abwicklung der Reklamation die Kosten für die Rücksendung zurück.

Warranty rights

(1) already at the time of delivery of defective product (warranty) will Looxon Germany according to the choice of the customer at the expense of Looxon Germany through a defect-free replace or properly repair (subsequent performance). The customer should be aware that there is no warranty case, if the product has had in the passing of the risk of the agreed quality. A warranty is not the case in particular in the following cases:

a)  bei Schäden, die beim Kunden durch Missbrauch oder unsachgemäßen Gebrauch entstanden sind,

b)  bei Schäden, die dadurch entstanden sind, dass die Produkte beim Kunden schädlichen äußeren Einflüssen ausgesetzt worden sind (insbesondere extremen Temperaturen, Feuchtigkeit, außergewöhnlicher physikalischer oder elektrischer Beanspruchung, Spannungsschwankungen, Blitzschlag, statischer Elektrizität, Feuer).

(2) Looxon Germany also provides no guarantee for an error that is caused by improper repair by an authorised service partner.

(3) Erfordert die vom Kunden gewünschte Art der Nacherfüllung (Ersatzlieferung oder Reparatur) einen Aufwand, der in Anbetracht des Produktpreises unter Beachtung des Vertragsinhaltes und der Gebote von Treu und Glauben in einem groben Missverhältnis zu dem Leistungsinteresse des Kunden steht – wobei insbesondere der Wert des Kaufgegenstandes im mangelfreien Zustand, die Bedeutung des Mangels und die Frage zu berücksichtigen sind, ob auf die andere Art der Nacherfüllung ohne erhebliche Nachteile für den Kunden zurückgegriffen werden kann – beschränkt sich der Anspruch des Kunden auf die jeweils andere Art der Nacherfüllung. Das Recht von Looxon Germany, auch diese andere Art der Nacherfüllung unter der vorgenannten Voraussetzung zu verweigern, bleibt unberührt. 

(4) for the case of the repair, as well as for the case of a replacement delivery, the customer is obligated to the product at the expense of Looxon Germany, stating the order number to the return address provided by us. Before submission, the customer has added him to remove items from the product. Looxon Germany is not obligated to examine the product on the installation of such items. For the loss of such items Looxon Germany is not liable, unless it was in the case of withdrawal of the product for Looxon Germany Readily apparent that such an object has been inserted in the product (in this case, Looxon Germany informed the customer and ready to hold the item for collection by the customer; the customer shall bear the costs). The customer also has before it ends a product for repair or replacement, to create a separate backup copies of the product under system software, applications, and all data on a separate disk, and disable all the passwords. A liability for data loss is not covered. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the customer, after him, the repaired or replacement product has been sent, to install the Software and data, and to reactivate the passwords. 

(5) the customer Sends the product to get a replacement product, is the Return of the defective product according to the following conditions: If the customer could use the goods between the supply and return defect-free condition, this will have to refund the value of what it has used to. To make up for the lack of actual loss or deterioration of the goods, as well as for the not due to the defect that occurred in the impossibility of the return of the goods within the period of time between the delivery of the goods and the return shipment of the goods, the customer has value. The customer has no value set for the intended use of the goods resulting deterioration of the goods. The obligation to pay compensation is not payable for the return of a defective product, in the case of a warranty claim,furthermore,

a)  wenn sich der zum Rücktritt berechtigende Mangel erst während der Verarbeitung oder Umgestaltung gezeigt hat,

b)  wenn Looxon Germany die Verschlechterung oder den Untergang zu vertreten hat oder der Schaden auch bei Looxon Germany eingetreten wäre,

c)  wenn die Verschlechterung oder der Untergang beim Kunden eingetreten ist, obwohl dieser diejenige Sorgfalt beachtet hat, die er in eigenen Angelegenheiten anzuwenden pflegt.

(6) The obligation to pay damages to the customer at the customer's breach of the return shipment of the goods, in accordance with the statutory provisions.

(7) The customer may withdraw from the contract or reduce the purchase price if the repair or replacement delivery within a reasonable period of time not to a contractual condition of the product. 

(8) In addition, can also be made claims against the manufacturer under a guarantee given to the appropriate warranty terms and conditions. 

(9) The statutory warranty of Looxon Germany ends two years from delivery of the goods. The time limit begins with the receipt of the goods. 


(1) In the case of slight negligence Looxon Germany shall only be liable for the violation of essential contractual obligations and limited to foreseeable damages. This limitation shall not apply in case of injury of life, body and health. For any other due to slight negligence by a defect of the object of purchase caused damage Looxon Germany shall not be liable.

(2) Regardless of fault on the part of Looxon Germany a liability of Looxon Germany in the case of fraudulent Concealment of a defect or from the Assumption of a guarantee shall remain unaffected. The manufacturer's warranty is a manufacturer's warranty and does not constitute any acceptance of a guarantee by Looxon Germany.

(3) Looxon Germany is also during the delay caused by chance for the impossibility of delivery, unless the damage would also have occurred with timely delivery.

(4) is Excluded, the personal liability of legal representatives, vicarious agents and employees of Looxon Germany for damages caused by slight negligence. 

Applicable Law

The between you and Looxon Germany completed the contract is governed exclusively by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN purchase law. This does not affect the mandatory provisions of the state in which they have their habitual residence.


If you have, contrary to their information in the order is not resident in the Federal Republic of Germany after conclusion of the contract domiciled abroad or her domicile at the time the lawsuit is not known, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with the contractual relationship, [the seat of the operator of the Online stores]. 

Dispute resolution

General information requirements for alternative dispute resolution according to article 14, Para. 1 ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG (consumer dispute settlement act):

The European Commission provides a platform for Online Dispute resolution (OS), which you can find at this address: . To participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer conciliation Board, we are not obliged and not ready. 

Final provisions

(1) Should individual provisions of this contract, in whole or in part, invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the Remaining contract, to the extent that a party to a contract is not disadvantaged by this is unreasonable.

(2) any Changes or additions to this contract require written form.